End User License Agreement

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  1. Overview:
    1. Platform:

      Functioning as a branch of Arvo Growth Partners, LLC of Florida, Rave Recruiter is a Platform that has been created to improve the current hiring process by using a mix of better-developed recruitment methods and new technologies. Please read the following agreement carefully to ensure that all terms and conditions laid out are fully understood prior to signing the agreement. If any questions should arise, please contact our legal department prior to proceeding. Rave Recruiter uses targeted algorithms to find ideal candidates currently on the market. Due to the heavy involvement of automation and AI technology, Rave Recruiter’s pricing directly competes with internal recruiters while still offering similar guarantees that an external recruiter would provide.

  2. Common Terms:
    1. Overview:

      Throughout this agreement, several terms are used to represent a specific reference point. The term (“Arvo”) will be used to represent Arvo Growth Partners, LLC. The term (“Candidate”) will be used to represent the “Job Seeker”, “End User”, or “Candidate”. The term (“Platform”) may be used to describe or reference Rave Recruiter. The term “Employer” will be used to represent yourself, the “Client”, “Partner”, or the “Employer”. The term “Employee” will be assigned to have a direct relation to an “Employer”. The term “On Market” means that the Candidate is currently available for hiring and for purchase by an employer. The Term “Off Market” means that the Candidate has currently been selected by a different Employer and is currently exploring that specific opportunity.

  3. Parties:
    1. Arvo/Rave Recruiter:

      Rave Recruiter is under direct ownership and operation of Arvo. Arvo will provide all of the assets including laborers, funding, data/data practices, and other necessities in order to allow Rave Recruiter to function. It’s important to understand that without Arvo, Rave Recruiter would cease to exist, therefore the relationship held between the two parties is necessary. Arvo solely functions as a software provider (a SAS company). In no way is Arvo it’s direct affiliates, or Rave Recruiter acting or intending to act as a recruiter, a staffing firm, or a temporary placement agency. Arvo and Rave Recruiter function as a Platform to provide a connection between a Candidate and an Employer.

    2. Secondary Parties:

      Arvo uses several brands including but not limited to Arvo Growth Partners, Rave Recruiter, Arvo Hospitality, WeedCruiters, Arvo Jobs, & Take Off Recruitment. Any brand that Arvo holds a stake in, equal to or above 20%, is considered a secondary party. These secondary parties have access to limited data and follow the same preventive measures in relation to data security. Employees of these companies are considered internal employees and may have administrative access equal to the amount that other Arvo employees would have. These employees follow the exact same guidelines and procedures in handling/accessing data. All secondary employees with roles directly related to hiring have administrative access to the Platform. Administrative access is provided on an as-needed basis to trusted employees only.

    3. Third Parties:

      In order to expand the functionality of Rave Recruiter, Arvo has selected several Third Parties to offer related services on the Platform. These Third Parties are heavily vented and are expected to uphold strict PII security, use proper data theft prevention methods, and adhere to regular audits requested by internal, external, or third parties. Arvo has taken steps to limit the information provided to third parties to a need to know basis. No third party shall have access to any unnecessary or administrative privileges within the Platform unless specifically granted by Arvo.

    4. Employers:

      The main users of the Platform will be Employers. With that being said, Arvo is restricting the type of employers on the Platform. Arvo directly refuses any Employers who participate in Multi-Level Marketing or commission-only positions. These Employers will be directly banned from the Platform and will not be issued a refund corresponding to any purchases made. It’s important to note that prior to purchase, Employers will be provided with restricted data on Candidates that should help the Employer decided if they would like to purchase said Candidate. Arvo will not be willing to provide additional information on a Candidate prior to purchase.

    5. Candidates:

      Rave Recruiter will provide Candidates directly from Arvo’s database. These Candidates will be vented by the Platform in order to find the best possible fit for each position. If no Candidates are found for the query, Arvo’s internal team will perform a custom search of the current market for candidates. This custom search will be provided free of charge under the impression that the Employer is looking to purchase a candidate for hire from Rave Recruiter. Candidates are pulled from a number of different sources.

    6. Recruiters:

      Rave Recruiter allows recruiters to use the platform to help their operations. Recruiters are required to sign up by contacting support and are prohibited from creating a normal employer account. This policy applies to any company that is offering any sort of outsourced hiring for another employer.

  4. Third Party Services:
    1. Overview:

      As discussed in section III, subsection C, Arvo has selected a number of Third Parties to provide selected services on the Platform. These services include but are not limited to Background Checks, Drug Testing, Reference Checks, and Skill Testing. A user may request a list of the current Third Parties. The list of Third Parties is subject to change at any time without notification to any parties.

  5. Direct Compete Clause:
    1. Overview:

      Rave Recruiter is designed to provide as much traction for Candidates as possible. Due to this, until a Candidate is purchased, they are considered “On Market”. Being on market means that any number of Employers could be looking at purchasing the same Candidate at the same time. The Platform relies on providing candidates on a first come first serve basis. Once purchased by an Employer, the Candidate is marked “Off Market” for 30 days or until the Employer chooses not to proceed with said Candidate.

  6. Account/User:
    1. Account Creation:

      Employers are invited to create a free account. This account will have restricted features and will require a purchase in order to access full Candidate data. Employers are restricted to create one account per staff member involved in the hiring process. Rave Recruiter prohibits Employers to create multiple accounts for the same user or have multiple employees log in under the same account.

    2. Account Modification:

      Employers have the ability to modify specific aspects of their account. Additional modification requests outside of the provided modifications will require written consent from Arvo. Without consent, Employers are prohibited from additional modifications.

    3. Approved Actions:

      Employers are required to solely use the Platform for finding and hiring new talent as well as making approved modifications to their accounts.

    4. Violating Actions:

      Employers will not have the option to use the Platform for malicious intent, impersonation reasons including but not limited to assisting others with their accounts, or any other issues that are not listed in the approved actions. Employers will also be prevented from creating and maintaining an account if the Employer has direct involvement with Multi-Level Marketing or commission-only positions. Employers are prohibited from saving a candidate’s information if they do not full hire and employ the candidate for a period of 45 days.

    5. Non-Listed Actions:

      Non-listed actions must be pre-approved in a letter of written consent by the appropriate parties. Non-listed actions are considered to be violating actions unless written consent is provided.

    6. Account Payments:

      Employers will be provided with free accounts until a Candidate has been selected for a position. At that time, the Employer will be required to select a package or to pay for the individual Candidate. Depending on the option selected, Arvo will assign an account manager to directly assist with the hiring process.

  7. Legalities:
    1. Liability:

      You, the Employer, agrees to follow the terms throughout this agreement. In any scenario, Arvo Growth Partners, it’s brands, affiliates including but not limited to secondary parties, third parties, Candidates, and it’s employers, clients, and employees, are not to be held liable for any damages, issues, loss of productivity, job placement or lack thereof, loss of income, workplace disputes or issues, or any other issues that may be directly or indirectly caused from the Platform. You, the Employer, agrees to hold all listed affiliates including Arvo harmless. Arvo and its affiliates do not take responsibility for any issues caused directly or indirectly, especially but not limited to issues caused by any third party.

    2. Other Parties:

      You, the Employer, agree and understand that any issues with other parties including but not limited to third parties or Candidates, shall be taken up with said third-party. In no way is Arvo responsible for any choices or decisions made by said parties above. You, the Employer, agree to hold harmless Arvo from any issues with any parties.

    3. Misconduct:

      Arvo reserves the right to file claims leading to lawsuits or arbitration against any Employer using the Platform for misconduct or malicious intent. Misconduct on the Platform may result in suspension or termination of your account on the Platform. Up to the discretion of Arvo, legal actions may be taken by Arvo against those using those misusing the Platform.

    4. Third Party Issues:

      As stated above, you, the Employer, agrees that if any issues should arise with any parties or companies that have no direct ownership by Arvo, that you, the Employer, will contact said parties without the affiliation or involvement of Arvo. Arvo does not wish to be involved in said party issues.

    5. Hold Harmless:

      As stated above, you, the Employer, agree to hold harmless Arvo and its brands, affiliates, and its employees from any legal matters or potential legal matters.

    6. Arbitration:

      For matters that should lead to legal actions, all parties agree to settle through means of arbitration. All situations of arbitration shall be held in Orlando, Florida where Arvo is headquartered.

    7. Governance:

      This agreement shall be governed by the great state of Florida.

    8. Involvement/Roles:

      As previously stated, Arvo has invited select parties to offer their services on the Platform. These services are responsible for their own actions and Arvo has no affiliation with these parties other than a professional relationship. Arvo does not claim to be a staffing firm, recruitment firm, temporary placement agency, related firm or agency, a reporting agency or other related field. Arvo is merely a software provider allowing the connection between two parties, a Candidate and employer with the possibility of unmonitored third-party interactions.

    9. Data Security:

      Arvo, its affiliates, employees, second parties, and third parties work to provide the best possible data security efforts. This includes constant testing of the Platform to ensure that there are no issues with the software. As a company, Arvo has set up extremely limiting access to the software from an administrative perspective.

    10. Data Sharing:

      Arvo shares data with selected parties in particular situations. All data shared is extremely limited and has the sole purpose of helping you, the Employer, find the best possible fitting Candidate.

    11. Severability:

      Unenforceability or invalidity of one or more clauses in this agreement shall not have an effect on any other clause in this agreement. If it is possible, any unenforceable or invalid clause in this agreement shall be modified to show the original intention of the parties.

    12. Compliance:

      For select third-party services, there are additional compliance rules and regulations that are governed on both a state and federal level. It is up to each third party to ensure that they are meeting the rules and regulations established by each governance. Arvo has no input on the processes or practices established by third-parties.

    13. Force Majeure:

      In specific events, the Platform may be unavailable. These events include but are not limited to scheduled downtime, sudden downtime, potential security issues, and natural disasters. During these times, Arvo will do its best to provide frequent updates while working on providing accurate timelines for when the software should be back up and running. There are no set time frames or guarantees that the software will be back up and running in a particular time frame.

    14. Billing Issues:

      It is the responsibility of the Employer to notify Arvo of any billing issues or the possibility of any potential billing issues.

    15. Account Conduct/Misconduct:

      Arvo holds the right to suspend or terminate any account for any reason. If accounts are in violation of this agreement, Arvo can and will take action. The actions taken will be at the discretion of Arvo. If an Employer is performing any misconduct on the account, Arvo holds the right to take action against an Employer.

    16. Contact:

      In order to keep all parties safe and their data secure, all communication must be done through the Platform. If there are cases where an Employer is providing or requesting contact information, they may be in violation of this agreement. The Platform will go through and automatically monitor for messages provoking or providing personal data with the intention of off Platform communication. All personal data is withheld by Arvo and provided to the needed party at a specific time.

    17. Written Consent:

      For specific cases of Platform users requesting specific aspects or requests from the Platform or Arvo staff, Arvo will provide Written Consent to a specific individual, granting them access to their request. Written Consent is something that must be provided by the board with at least two signatures from active board members. No individual staff member has access to provide consent on a topic or request that requires written consent.

    18. Confidentiality:

      You, the Employer, agree and understand that the Platform contains proprietary data, processes, and information that is not to be shared with others or used for unintended purposes. All data on the Platform are the property of Arvo, including but not limited to the Platform layout, process, tools, data, ETC. Arvo requests that all information shall remain confidential at all costs.

    19. Identified Loophole:

      Arvo has identified a loophole within the platform and specifically prohibits; 1. Employers from selecting a candidate solely for the purpose of gathering information and taking advantage of the 45-day guarantee. 2. saving a candidate’s information without proceeding to hire the candidate. 3. contacting any candidate that the employer marked as not interested in. 4. saving any information about a candidate that the employer marked as not interested in.

    20. Guarantee:

      For each candidate, Arvo will offer a 45 day guaranteeing to cover the employer’s investment of the candidate (for expenses charged by and for rave recruiter). The 45 days will begin when the employer sends an offer letter to the candidate, however, it will cover the employer through the candidate’s hiring process. All claims will be paid out in the form of account credit. No scenario should lead to a direct monetary refund. In order to make a claim for the guarantee, the employer must; 1. contact support or an account representative in order to begin the claim process. 2. provide requested data on the reason for the claim and other needed data. 3. get approved for the claim by the needed Arvo representative.

    21. Monitoring:

      Arvo holds the right to sit in on phone or video interviews. If Arvo chooses to sit in on the said interview, a reason is not needed. Even if Arvo is monitoring said interview, no disturbance shall be made during the interview for any reason.

  8. Data:
    1. Public Data:

      Arvo considers public data to be any data that does not reveal information about any specific user. Typically, public data is used for statics. Public data can be shared by Arvo as it does not reveal user specifics.

    2. Personal Data:

      Arvo considers personal data to be general information about any party that is displayed on an individual basis. This data is provided to specific first, second, and third parties in requested cases. This data is not shared unless the party has been approved prior to sharing. Personal Data may also be shared with selected parties when deemed appropriate by Arvo.

    3. Protected Data:

      Arvo considers protected data to be data that is unique to the Employer and is not provided to any other parties.

    4. Data Security:

      Arvo has taken a number of steps in order to keep all data safe and secure. All data is protected and data sharing is extremely limited. All internal teams have restricted access to the Platform and in some cases, prohibited.

    5. Data Sharing:

      Arvo only shares selected data with selected parties. By limiting the data that is shared, Arvo is able to limit the possibility of security breaches within the Platform.

    6. Collected Data:

      General data that will be used to gather statistics on parties as a whole will be gathered. This data is gathered in order to measure the success of the Platform as well as to gather needed research to make valuable changes to the Platform.

    7. Data Removal:

      Upon request, Arvo will remove user data. Arvo has the right to withhold user data in relation to paid orders. Arvo also will withhold the Employers email address specifically for resign up purposes. Data that are withheld will not be released, sold, or used for marketing purposes. In the event that Arvo suspends or terminates an Employer’s account, the information on the account will not be removed in order to prevent that Employer to resign upon the Platform after removal or termination.

    8. GDPR:

      Arvo Growth Partners LLC is the controller of all data, including personal, professional, and group data including but not limited to user preferences, demographic data, etc. All data will be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    9. Privacy:

      Arvo has taken and will continue to take all possible measures in order to protect the Employer’s privacy. Arvo asks that in return, you, the Employer, respect the privacy of other Platform users, additional parties, Arvo, and it’s known affiliates.

  9. Account Misconduct:
    1. Account Violations:

      If an Employer is participating in certain actions on their account, on the Platform, with other users, or against other users, they will be in direct violation of this agreement. Violating this agreement will lead to account or legal ramifications.

    2. Account Suspension:

      Depending on the severity of the violation, Arvo withholds the right to suspend any Employer’s account at any time for any reason. If an account is suspended, the Employer will not be able to access their account, delete their account, reset their password, or any other account-related features. During the suspension, the Employer is prohibited from signing up for a new account. If this happens, the Employer may be banned from the Platform. The Employer will not be reimbursed for loss usage of their account.

    3. Account Termination:

      At any point in time, Arvo has the right to terminate any account. Terminating an account will prohibit the Employer from creating a new account or accessing their old account. After Termination, Arvo is required to withhold account information to prevent additional signup. In the case of suspension or termination, the Employer is not entitled to a refund.

  10. Verification:
    1. Account Verification:

      Arvo will do it’s best to verify all accounts in order to prevent fraudulent users from signing up on the Platform. If a fraudulent account is located, Arvo requests that it is reported immediately.

    2. Employer Verification:

      Arvo will do it’s best to verify that all employers are legitimate employers prior to allowing contact with Candidates. Arvo has restricted the type of employers that may use the Platform in order to continue to prevent unwanted users. If a fraudulent employer is located on the Platform, Arvo requests that the employer is reported to support immediately.

    3. Candidate Verification:

      Arvo will do it’s best to verify that all candidates are legitimate prior to allowing contact with employers.

    4. Reliability:

      Arvo is not reliable for any damages caused by fraudulent accounts or the verification of accounts on the Platform.

    5. Background Checks:

      Arvo has invited third parties onto the Platform in order to allow Employers to select background checks for Candidates that they are looking to hire. These services are fulfilled and managed by Third Vision, LLC, and TruDiligence, LLC. Any issues related to any aspect of the background check process, results, or progress should be directed to their support staff. Arvo will only be able to assist in matters relating to pricing.

    6. Drug Testing:

      Arvo has invited third parties onto the Platform in order to allow Employers to select drug testing services for Candidates that they are looking to hire. These services are fulfilled and managed by Third Vision, LLC, and TruDiligence, LLC. Any issues related to any aspect of the drug testing process, results, or progress should be directed to their support staff. Arvo will only be able to assist in matters relating to pricing.

    7. Reference Checks:

      Arvo has invited third parties onto the Platform in order to allow Employers to select reference checks for Candidates that they are looking to hire. These services are fulfilled and managed by Third Vision, LLC, and TruDiligence, LLC. Any issues related to any aspect of the background check process, results, or progress should be directed to their support staff. Arvo will only be able to assist in matters relating to pricing.

    8. Skill Testing:

      Arvo currently does not provide or have a partner for skill testing, therefore skill testing will not be available.

  11. Billing & Payments:
    1. Expected Payments:

      Payments are billed upon checkout. If no payment has been received, the Employer will not be allowed to proceed. In select cases, trusted employers may be allowed to be billed on a monthly basis vs on checkout. Unique billing terms are only valid if all payments have been placed on time.

    2. Late/Missed Payments:

      Late payments can be made up within 48 hours of the missed payment. Once 48 hours has passed, additional interest fees (8%) may apply. Please reference Arvo’s billing terms of service.

    3. Payment Responsibilities:

      The Employer is responsible for ensuring that all payments are received. If a payment is not able to be processed for any reason, the Employer is responsible for providing a proper payment after Arvo has provided a payment notification.

    4. Refunds:

      Arvo will not provide any refunds on a general basis. In certain cases, Arvo has the right to provide a refund. While Arvo does not offer refunds, after a Candidate has been selected, the Employer has 45 days to select a free replacement. If the Employer would like to replace a Candidate for any reason, Arvo support must first be contacted.

    5. Passthough Fees:

      Some third parties have additional fees that may be required to be paid by the Employer. Shall the Employer chose to select a third-party service, the Employer is expected to pay the requested passthrough fees. Passthrough fees are not known at the time of purchase and will be billed 30 days later by Arvo to the Employer. Any questions related to passthrough fees should be directed at the specific third-party.

    6. Loophole Charges:

      Any employers that are caught taking advantage of loopholes within the platform or this Terms Of Service, will be placed on suspension until an investigation is completed. For the cases that the employer is found guilty of taking advantage of loopholes, they will be billed 25% of the first-year salary (anticipated first-year salary if not hired) of said candidate(s). Appropriate notices will be sent out to the employer for each stage of the process.